Sponsor Team Tent Site Selection Process

The information below outlines the tent site selection process for Sponsor Teams and Non-Sponsor Teams.

  • First pick goes to the Presenting Sponsor.

  • The remaining order of sponsor site selection will then be based on the value of sponsorship plus any additonal money raised, provided it is received in the Foundation by 4PM Friday, May 3rd. When there is more than one sponsor at the same level of sponsorship, the order will be determined by the number of years sponsoring this event and the date the sponsorship fee was received.

Non-Sponsor Team Tent Site Selection Process (new)

Team tent selection will be different this year. Instead of everyone meeting at Point Mallard to select team tent sites, we will select tent sites on-line with SignUpGenius.com.

  • First pick is given to the Top Fund Raising Team from the previous year.

  • Second pick is given to the Grand Champions from the previous year.

  • Site selection will then go to the teams based on this year’s fund raising efforts. The amount of money raised including the $1,500 team entry fee received in the Foundation office by 4PM Friday, May 3rd will determine the order of site selection. When there is a tie for total money raised above the team entry fee, the order will be determined by the team with the most years of participation and the date the entry fee was received.

  • All of the remaining teams will simultaneously receive an invitation from SignUpGenius.com on Wednesday morning, May 9th to select their team tent site from the sites remaining.

Once the tent site selection process is completed, we will provide all Team Captains and Sponsor contacts with the locations selected, along with a location map prior to the event. Sites will be marked prior to set-up time 3PM on Friday, May 10th and will allow for an orderly set-up process. Please take advantage of this and inform your teammates.